Cinz 100% pure Cotton

A cotton that blends the resistance to an easy manitenance.

Wash at 140°F. Do not tumble

Reinforced Cotton Low Risk

Reinforced cotton: Pastelli long fiber cotton coupled with a special easy iron polyester fiber

TTR+CR High Risk

TTR: Trilaminate with total anti-viral and antibacterial barrier, Permanent water-repellent, compliant with UNI EN 13795 standard. CR: reinforced cotton white color long fiber cotton Pastels coupled with a special easy iron polyester fiber, DPI 1 °
Guaranteed for 100 134 ° sterilization cycles

100 % Pure Cotton


Crystal long staple Cotton

This soft, sumptuous cotton resembles silk and unequalled for the qualità of this fibre, its manufacturing techniques and its finish. Truly unique

Wash with mild detergent at 86°F for standard maintenance. If needed it may undergo highest temperatures. Do not tumble

Long Staple Easy Care Cotton

Fabulos fabric, brilliant as a silk, soft as a cashmere, strong as a polyester and natural as only the best long staple cotton may be.

Freedom is "easy care". Wash at 104°F. Do not tumble

Gabardine long staple Cotton

Our gabardine is made of the finest quality pure cotton, woven to last and although ist sustained weight limits it to linear models, it nevertheless ensures peerless absorbency and a beautiful apperance

Wash at  140°F

Levantine long staple Cotton

Levantine is an extremely versatile herringbone cotton, which is used almost all our collections. It is soft and light, thus making it ideal for all seasons, yet it is strong, low-maintenance and retains its beauty over time.

Wash at  140°F

PET wash & wear

The PET Crepe is breathable ecological fiber wrinkle and iron free that offer great resistance and easy maintenance.

Wash at 140°F for standard maintenance


An extremely comfortable woven cotton fabric. It grants a great absorbence and freedom and freedom of movments. Wash at °F104


Veal Leather